Metal Tools
Reasons to Choose
Since 1973 we have sold QUALITY England and USA made Metal Bending Tools and Stampings!
Metalcraft Tools are the essential range of equipment for crafting metal, for pleasure or for profit. You don't need the skills of a metalworker, blacksmith or a welder to use our equipment. It is incredibly easy and fun to use, so making it possible for beginners and professionals alike to achieve really impressive results. These are authentic, quality built, Metalcraft brand tools. Machines for scrolling, twisting, bending, rolling, punching, and cutting flat metal strip, solid round rod and solid square bar. Metalcraft tools are all hand powered and don't need any heat or electrical power - as a result, they are portable, safe, and easy to use while producing professional results time after time. Our extensive selection of equipment is suitable for a very diverse range of applications. Today - thousands of metal enthusiasts (individuals, schools, businesses, and industrial users) throughout the world use Metalcraft Tools and metal Stampings. We appreciate our customers and work to make their purchasing experience with us enjoyable. Thank you for visiting our website.
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