Metalcraft XL5+ Pro Metal Bender Optional Dual Size 1/8" and 4mm Punch Block

Metalcraft XL5+ Pro Metal Bender Optional Dual Size 1/8
Please note since 2017 Metalcraft Tool prices have remained unchanged but due to unprecedented increase in production material costs, this has left us with no other option but to increase prices starting January 2022.   Buy now at 2017 prices!

This dual size 1/8" and 4mm punch block is an option for the XL5+ Pro Metal Bender Tool.  The XL5+ comes standard with a punch block to do 3/16" and 1/4" round holes but for those working with smaller material, having the 1/8" and 4mm size hole may be beneficial.  Please note the 1/8" and 4mm punch pin is designed to punch through 1/8" thickness Hot Rolled flat strip metal.
Price each:$39.99
Item# DPB18XL


1/8" Punch Pin
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