Metalcraft Tool Sets

Metalcraft Tool SetsTool Set packages are individual tools grouped together based on their metal working capacities.  Ideal for individuals, schools, serious DIY, businesses, and industrial applications.  Metalcraft tool sets give you everything you need to produce the highest quality of metalwork and decorative designs.  Save money by purchasing tools as a set!

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Metalcraft Tool Set Master v1
Metalcraft Tool Set Master v2
Metalcraft Tool Set XL Pro
Metalcraft Tool Bench
Price each:$189.99

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Common question: Which range of tools would be best for me?

A. Most people who purchase the Metalcraft Practical range do so because they are looking to make smaller scale items. Often these involve small or intricate scrollwork in smaller size steel strips from 3/8"w x 1/16" thickness up to 3/4"w x 1/8" thickness. That is not to say that the Practical range cannot be used to make large items such as gates or furniture but if the item being made is load bearing or requires a significant degree of strength, it may have to incorporate quite a number of scrolls or jointed metalwork into the design to provide this strength. For those on a restricted budget it is the ideal range to start with.

The Metalcraft Master range, works with larger size and stronger material up to typically 1"w x 3/16", which allows larger scale projects to be tackled more easily and without the need for so much intricate scroll work or jointed metalwork. The Master tools require a larger work area and have greater versatility overall, but they can still be used to work the lighter gauge materials associated with the Metalcraft Practical tools. For serious DIY’ers and also commercial applications, the Master range is a sensible entry level range.

The Metalcraft XL Professional range is larger still and is for the serious professional and industrial user that requires the power to work with larger and varied sections of steel. For the money it packs an amazing amount of functionality for commercial wrought iron producers, fabricators, and engineering & training workshops.
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