Metalcraft Twisters (picket twisters)

Metalcraft Twisters (picket twisters)Metalcraft Twisters give you the means to achieve consistent and even spaced twists in flat metal strip and solid square bar. Built with efficiency in mind - their horizontal design allows longer twists to be achieved by moving twisted section with care through the machine and then twisting the next section. Results are quick and easy to repeat since the metal is not heated. These quality built tools are original, authentic METALCRAFT tools.

The Practical Twister comes with a special Boss & Slide Unit to assist with rapid twisting.

The Master Twister can be supplied with optional special gripping attachments (known as the Basket Making Attachment) to allow slender decorative "baskets" or "onion cages" to be formed. These attachments also allows one to put a "general twist" in square tubing or twist 1/4" solid round rod into a rope design. The Master Twister can make components for large jobs like gates, fences and furniture.          ADD A TWIST TO YOUR METALWORKING!
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