Metalcraft Rolling / Bending / Riveting Tools

Metalcraft Rolling / Bending / Riveting ToolsROLLING function enables circles and arcs of varying radii to be easily and consistently rolled without the need for pre-heating the material. Rolling is accomplished by repeatedly passing the material backwards and forwards through machine (between side rollers and winding handle roller). As this is done, a gradual increase of pressure on the main handle tightens radius on each pass through machine.

BENDING function provides a useful tool for bending all manner of components out of flat strip, square bar, and solid round rod. This function makes it an essential tool for metal working. For bending, material is placed between the Square or Diamond Shaped Former and the Side Rollers. Front lever is operated to gradually bend to required angle. Angle of bend achievable is 180 degrees to 60 degrees using the Master RBR tool and 180 degrees to 90 degrees using either the Hobby or Practical RBR tool.

RIVETING provides a quick, safe, and easy way of joining metal strip and scroll work together. Riveting gives the finished job an authentic and traditional appearance for beginners and professionals alike. Riveting is simply achieved by placing a rivet into pre-punched holes, of metal strip to be joined, and then placing material between the riveting posts on the tool. Use the front lever to squeeze the rivet and hence form joint. Naturally, those with welding equipment may prefer to use welding as a means to join formed metalwork together particularly in commercial use. It is no surprise that those able to weld easily spot the business diversification opportunities that Metalcraft tools offer.

Combining 3 functions into 1 tool makes these Rolling / Bending / Riveting tools highly versatile. Since both machines are portable and require no electrical power, they are well suited to "on-site" fabrication.
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