Metalcraft Punch / Shear (cutting) Tools

Metalcraft Punch / Shear (cutting) ToolsAvailable in both the Practical and Master versions, these robust machines are the work horses of the Metalcraft range of tools. Cleverly combining round hole punching capability with a shear action for cutting hot rolled mild steel strip, solid square bar, and round rod to length. They are an extremely capable workshop tool for use in a DIY, training, or production environment.

PUNCHING function is used to punch round holes for use with screws or nuts and bolts. Also compliments the riveting feature on the rolling / bending / riveting tools as the holes are punched for the rivets. Welders also find the punched hole convenient for welding up through the hole so less weld is shown. Punching is achieved by placing flat strip metal in the slotted punch block. Platform is adjustable to allow for accurate positioning of different widths of metal. The replaceable punch block(s) and pin(s) are specially machined and hardened for the task.

SHEARING (cutting) function is a quick, safe, and easy way to cut hot rolled mild flat metal strip, solid square bar, and solid round rod to length. To shear, material is placed in gap between lower shear blade and lever-operated upper shear blade. Operate lever to shear.

Because both machines are portable and require no electrical power, they are well suited for "on-site" work.
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