Metalcraft Tool Set Practical v1

Metalcraft Tool Set Practical v1
2 Differences between Practical V1 and V2:
  • V2 contains the Practical Twister
  • V2 contains the MK2/3 Scroll Bender with Tubing Components in place of the MK2/2H Scroll Bender in V1

  • Click Here for Metalcraft PRACTICAL TOOL SET Comparison Chart (Free and Printable .pdf format)

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    Included Contents
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    Item# PPSwMD
    Metalcraft Practical Punch / Shear Tool with Measuring Device
    Dual function metal working tool. This hand operated machine allows one to cut hot rolled mild metals to length and punch round holes in flat metal strip.
    Item# PRBRT
    Metalcraft Practical Rolling / Bending / Riveting Tool
    Item# 22HSB
    Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK2/2H
    Item# 12SBR
    Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK1/2
    Item# MDVD
    Metalcraft Tools 2 dvd Set
    Item# MDIB
    Metalcraft Designs & Ideas Book
    Item# 38116FS
    Flat Strip Metal 3/8"wide x 1/16" thickness x 36" Long, - 30 strips per tube (annealed metal)
    Item# 12332FS
    Flat Strip Metal 1/2" wide x 3/32" thickness x 36" long - 18 strips per tube (annealed metal)
    Item# ANUTSB
    Nut and Bolt Assortment Pack 1/8" dia. x 3 different lengths (150 count pack)
    SAVE OVER $153.00 when you buy this tool set vs. buying the items listed individually.
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