Metalcraft Practical Punch / Shear Tool

Metalcraft Practical Punch / Shear Tool
Dual function metal working tool. This hand operated machine allows one to cut hot rolled mild metals to length and punch round holes in flat metal strip.

EASY TO USE - no pre-heating of metal required to cut or punch holes.


Above photos:
Rugged cam lever action allows one to punch and cut metal.
To shear, material is placed in gap between small fixed blade and large lever operated blade. Operate lever smoothly and firmly to cut.

Above photo:
Punching 1/8" round hole is achieved by placing flat metal strip in the slotted punch block.   Platform is adjustable to allow for accurate positioning along the center of different widths of metal.


SAVE TIME with the Practical Punch/Shear Tool Measuring Device.

The Measuring Device feature gives you the ability to set repeatable cutting lengths or hole punch positions (from end of bars or from other holes).   No need to mark each time the steel for cutting or punching holes, just set the stop then cut or punch - it's that simple!

FREE Downloadable Practical Punch/Shear Measuring Device How To.      CLICK HERE for .pdf file


Above photos:
Set the stop to the required length then cut for consistent measurements every time.
The distance of hole positions can now be set from end of metal OR from hole to hole - consistent measurements every time.

This photo shows the Measuring Device for the Practical Punch / Shear Tool in full length.

Above photos:

Punch holes with equal spacing between each hole.
Punch holes a set distance from end of metal.
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