Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK3/3 with Tube Bending Components

Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK3/3 with Tube Bending Components
Combining ease of operation with the versatility the MK3/3 Scroll Bender offers, makes this a popular scroll bender. The versatility of the MK 3/3 Scroll Bender stems from its ability to produce a range of different scroll shapes and sizes. This is achieved by interchanging 4 hinged segments.

Pictured are some of the scrolls that can be made using the MK3/3 Scroll Bender with Tubing Components.

FREE Downloadable MK3/3 scroll outline sheet. CLICK HERE for .pdf file

_____________________________________________________ SPECIFICATIONS:
Maximum Working Capacity:

1" x 3/16" (flat metal strip)
3/8" (solid round rod)
3/8" (solid square bar)

Max. Scroll Size:
8 1/4" (approximate due to the varying temper (spring) of steel)

Tool Dimensions:
14 1/4" wide x 12 1/2" deep x 6 1/4" high x 18 1/8" (handle radius).
Boxed weight: 33 lbs.
Box dimensions 16" long x 16" wide x 8" high.

Max. Tube Dimensions:
3/4" O/D. Round Tubing
1/16" Recommended wall thickness. (the above tubing information is for guidance only and based upon the use of ERW Mild Steel Tube to the dimensions shown).

Dia. of small tube bender segment (inner diameter of formed tube) 3".

Dia. of large tube bender segment (inner diameter of formed tube) 5 1/16".

Other Features:
Interchangeable segments to produce a whole range of scroll sizes and shapes. Can also work material with fish tail ends.

All tools are supplied with operating instructions. Please note that the maximum working
capacity stated is for Hot Rolled Material or Annealed metal. Working beyond these limits
or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the tool. _____________________________________________________


Price each:$645.99
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