Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK2/2H

Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK2/2H
Picture shows MK2/2H Scroll Bender with starting handle and scroll made with 3/4"w x 1/8" thickness flat strip metal.   (scroll not included with tool)

FREE Downloadable MK1/2, MK2/2H, and MK2/3 scroll outline sheet. CLICK HERE for .pdf file

  • On the MK2/2H, the metal is placed in the slot of the center pillar. The metal strip is then drawn around center segment to produce initial part of scroll.
  • Depending on size of scroll required, metal strip is drawn around further with 2nd segment placed in position. For consistency when producing repeated scrolls, mark on base where metal leaves the segment.
  • Finally release finished scroll (scroll comes out flat).

  • _____________________________________________________ SPECIFICATIONS:
    Maximum Working Capacity

    3/4"wide x 1/8" thickness (flat metal strip)
    1/8" dia. (solid round rod)

    Max. Scroll Size
    5" - the maximum scroll size quoted is approximate due to the varying temper(spring)of steel.

    Tool dimensions
    5 7/8"w x 5 7/8"L x 2"h.
    Boxed Weight: 5 lbs.

    Other features
    Supplied with special starting lever to form initial part of scroll when using heavier gauge material.

    All tools are supplied with operating instructions. Please note that the maximum working capacity stated is for Hot Rolled Material or Annealed metal. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the tool.


    Price each:$109.99
    Item# 22HSB
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