Metalcraft Single Tools

Metalcraft Single Tools are ideal for Individuals, Schools, Serious DIY, Businesses, and Industrial applications.  Metalcraft tools will give you the opportunity to produce the highest quality of metalwork and decorative designs.  You can order Metalcraft Tools separately OR save money by combining single tools into groups of like tool capacities that we call Metalcraft Tool Sets.

Our facility is located in Rochester Minnesota so we ship within all 50 USA states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Outside these areas, contact Mike at:

Common question: What coating or paint do you use on items made with Metalcraft tools?

A. Indoor or outdoor (outdoor especially), steel needs a protective coating to avoid rusting. For best results, use any good quality primer paint for use on steel. Then paint with a compatible top coat - a wide range of attractive colors, finishes, and affects are widely available. You can apply this by brush or aerosol, the latter being more suitable for smaller objects and getting into joints that brushes have difficulty reaching. Brands such as Rustoleum and Plastikote are available from all major DIY & Hardware stores as well as specialist paint outlets.

** We prefer Rustoleum x2 spray paint as it has the primer and finish coat together. Best to read any spray can for appropiate application instructions. Depending on a wide variety of conditions, spray paint will give you about 2-3 years protection before needing to be reapplied.

If operating on a larger scale or business basis, powder coating is available - usually through commercial Coaters/Spray painters. Powder coating will give you about 10-12 years protection before needing to be reapplied.
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