Decorative Metal Stampings (steel, aluminum, brass, and copper) to accent your designs!

Metal StampingsUse decorative metal stampings to enhance your Wood, Metal, Glass, Arts, Crafts, Scrapbooking, Jewelry, and other materials, designs, projects OR make the metal stampings the focal point of your design.  Choose among a wide variety of domestic, wild, and zoo animals, birds, fish (large mouth bass, walleye, angel and tropical fish, and friendly dolphin), sea creatures (seahorses, turtle, frog, alligator, anchors, seashells, starfish, and more), insects (butterflies, dragonflies, bee, lady bug), western theme (cowboys, cowgirls, Native Americans, cactus, and lucky horseshoe), holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day), candle holders and trays, leaves (grape, morning glory, embossed, rose, oak, maple, fern, aspin to name a few), delicious looking fruit, spring filled flowers, and fun garden stampings (wheelbarrow, watering can, carrots, fruit tree, and some you can fold together).  So many Profitable, Enjoyable, and Creative things can be done using these decorative and ornamental metal stampings.

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In 2019 we purchased some metal stamping dies and a large quantity of inventory from the Frank Morrow Company (they had been in business for 90+ years but closed their business).

We have no minimum quantity requirement for in stock items, just a minimum $20 requirement per order (before shipping and tax*). (*tax applies to Minnesota orders only)
How to Attach Metal Stampings
  • Welding - put all of the heat on the metal you're attaching the stamping to and then run a quick bead to the stamping.
  • Soldering
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Pop riveting
  • Powerful magnets - our M11 round 3/8" dia. x 1/8" thickness rare earth magnets work great as it allows you to change the stampings on your project depending on the time of year it is. If attaching to wood, drill a hole, countersink a flat head screw, and then glue a M11 rare earth magnet to the screw. The magnet stays but the metal stamping can be changed as desired.
  • 2 sided sticky foam tape
  • Glue (E6000 works well)


Degrease stampings - as part of the manufacturing process, stampings may have a slight coating of lubricant so this lubricant must be removed before any finishing or paint is applied to the decorative item. Wipe items down using a clean cloth damp with paint thinner, turpentine, denatured alcohol,  or other strong detergent solution. After degreasing the item we strongly recommend that you apply a rust and corrosion-inhibiting coating to the item (unless rusting the stampings).

Once cleaned, finish by: Paint (RustOleum or other quality spray paint - follow your paint supplier's directions for preparing, priming and top-coating the material chosen).StainTorch Stampings - this changes the properties of the metal and brings out the blue, black, and purple colors of the metal. Once cooled, the stampings need to be top coated with a clear enamel to protect from rusting.Baked EnamelPatinaPowder-CoatingAntiqueGold/Silver PlatingElectroplatingFlockingAir BrushGlitterRust - soak items undisturbed in a glass container with equal parts bleach and white vinegar for 24 hours. (Caution! Do not breath the fumes and keep away from children & pets). Let items air dry until the desired level of rust is achieved.Natural Color - use clear enamel spray paint or clear powder coating.…and more!

For general painting, we recommend Rustoleum x2 spray paint and use several light coats - read back of spray can carefully. For intricate painting, artist Sara Thamert, recommends the following: Yes, your customers must use a primer and I found a Walmart product that works the best: The brand name is ColorPlace an interior/exterior Fast dry spray paint. Gray primer/ can code number-20010. The paint I use is either: Apple Barrel-Acrylic paint or Delta-Acrylic paint. Both products are great and sized containers are just right. 2 fl. oz. /8 fl. oz. Purchased at Michaels - Hobbies and Arts store. After the stamping drys for a few days I spray a clear finish coat to seal the paint. Another Walmart product by Krylon. Acrylic Crystal Clear Gloss indoor/outdoor Protective, Non-Yellowing Clear Finish. Once again, make sure stampings are cleaned prior to painting application.
Metal Stampings
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