Metalcraft Basket Making Attachment for Master Twister

Metalcraft Basket Making Attachment for Master Twister
Metalcraft Basket Making Attachment is designed to fit the Master Twister. Can be purchased with the Master Twister or individually if you previously purchased the Master Twister and now want to add this popular feature. Fits nearly all previous versions of the Master Twister.

With the use of these special gripping attachments (known as the Basket Making Attachment) along with the Master Twister, ornamental "baskets" or "onion cages", as some know them by, can be easily formed using pre-welded clusters of four 1/4" or 5/16" solid square bars. The Basket Making Attachment also allows you to put a "general twist" in square tubing OR twist 1/4" solid round rod into a rope design.

Working Capacity:

4 pieces of 1/4" or 5/16" HOT ROLLED solid square bar are required to make a basket.   Both ends of the 4 pieces are welded together.  Place welded 4 pieces into basket attachment and turn the handles 1 to 2 revolutions (how many revolutions depends on the length of the 4 pieces of square bar being used).  Then to flare out the metal, turn the handles in the opposite direction that you originally turned. The metal has no were to go but to flare out. Your basket is formed.

1/2" square tubing can also be twisted in the basket attachment but only put in a "general" twist.

The Basket Making Attachment for Master Twister is shipped in 1 box: 5 lbs.

All tools are supplied with operating instructions. Please note that the maximum working capacity stated is for Hot Rolled Material or Annealed metal. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the tool.


Price each:$109.99
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