Metalcraft Master Rolling / Bending / Riveting Tool with Micro Bending Kit

Metalcraft Master Rolling / Bending / Riveting Tool with Micro Bending Kit
Hand operated metal working tool that allows one to roll curves and circles, form angle bends, and to join pieces of metal strip together by riveting.

EASY TO USE - no pre-heating of metal required to roll, bend, or rivet.

Master RBR Micro Bending Kit

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FREE Downloadable Micro Bending Kit How To. CLICK HERE for .pdf file


Rolling is achieved by using the winding handle to drive the bar forwards and backwards through the rollers. As this is done with each pass, the long lever is used to gradually increase pressure to roll an ever tighter curve. Updated in 2017 to now make it even easier to produce more consistent bends and circles/arcs when rolling.
(Master RBR tool shown in this photo)

Bending  For the bending operation, metal is placed between the diamond shaped former and the two rollers. Operate the lever to gradually bend to required angle.  (Master RBR tool shown in this photo)


Riveting  is simply achieved by placing the material to be joined (with rivet in pre-punched hole) between the riveting posts on the machine. Use the lever to squeeze the rivet to form a strong joint.

Metalcraft's riveting system provides a safe, strong and authentic way of joining metalwork together for beginner and professional alike. Naturally, those with welding equipment may prefer to use this as a quick and convenient way to join formed metalwork together particularly in commercial use. It is no surprise that those able to weld easily spot the business diversification opportunities that Metalcraft tools offer.  (Practical RBR tool shown in these two riveting photos)




Pictures show Micro Bending Kit in use on the Master RBR Tool.
Various freestyle shapes made using Micro Bending Kit on the Master RBR Tool.
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