Kosy Creations Tool Set 2

Kosy Creations Tool Set 2
The Kosy Creations Tool Set 2 utilizes two scroll bending jig sets (BJ2 and BJ3) and one (BJ1 Jig). These jigs allow one to make miniature scrolls. The scrolls are then welded together to form a variety of designs. In the kit there are 4 instruction books detailing step by step instructions to over 100 creations. Additional items included over Set 1 are:
  • Volume 4 book - more step by step designs.
  • 10 more locking rings - handy to have additional rings as that allows you to let the warm rings cool off while your using the other rings.
  • TT1 Welding Turntable - speeds up the process of welding the miniature scrolls.
  • BJ1 Scroll Bender Jig- use to make scrolls out of 1/8" solid round rod
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Price each:$369.00
Item# KCTS2
Included Contents
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Item# KV1
Kosy Creations Vol 1 Project Book
Item# KV2
Kosy Creations Vol 2 Project Book
Item# KV3
Kosy Creations Vol 3 Project Book
Item# KV4
Kosy Creations Vol 4 Project Book
Item# BJ1SB
Kosy Creations Scroll Bender BJ1
Top plate size: 2 9/16"long x

2 1/2"wide x 1/4" thickness aluminum.
Item# BJ2SB
Kosy Creations Scroll Bender Set BJ2
Top plate size: 3"long x 3"wide x 3/16" thickness aluminum.
Item# BJ3SB
Kosy Creations Scroll Bender Set BJ3
Top plate size: 3"long x 3"wide x 3/16" thickness aluminum.
Item# DDD
Kosy Creations Deep Dishing Die Set DDD
Female Part Approx. Size:
6 1/8" O.D.
1 5/16" High
1" Inside Depth
Male Part Approx. Size:
5 7/16" O.D.
1 5/16" High
1" Flange Area Depth
4.75 lbs.
Other features
Use this DDD Dishing Die Set along with a flat disc (like the DP2 plain disc 2 3/4") to put a slight curvature in the disc (this is how we produce the T26 Candle Tray).
Item# DDS
Kosy Creations Shallow Dishing Die Set DDS
Female Part Approx. Size:
7 1/4" O.D.
1 3/16" High.
7/8" Inside Depth.
Male Part Approx. Size:
6 3/4" O.D.
1 5/16" High.
1" Flange Area Depth.
6 lbs.
Item# LR1
Kosy Creations Locking Ring Set LR1
Approx. sizes:

LR8:    4 1/4" I.D.         5" O.D.

LR12s: 4 13/16" I.D.     5 1/2" O.D.

LR12L: 5 13/16" I.D.     6 9/16" O.D.

LR15:   6 15/16" I.D.     7 11/16" O.D.

LR16:   7 5/16" I.D.       8 1/16" O.D.
Item# TT1
Kosy Creations Welding Turntable TT1
Approx. size 8 1/8" diameter.   Bearing will not freeze when hot.
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