FAQs Q) How do people use the stampings? A) Furniture accents, wall art, drawer & cabinet accents, lawn & garden ornaments, birdhouse ornaments, napkin holders, wearable jewelry, wind chimes, hanging window ornaments, basket & box ornaments, refrigerator magnets, mailbox ornaments, flower pot decoration, costume jewelry, holiday ornaments, ...wherever your imagination takes you!

Q) Can the metal stampings be made in a larger or smaller size? A) Technically yes BUT minimum cost per die is $15,000 dollars so initial order for a new stamping is 25,000 pieces. This is done to help offset the price of the new die. Future orders would not have this minimum requirement.

Q) Can the metal stampings be made in the opposite direction (so they can be put back to back)? A) Same answer as to question 1. A new die will need to be made and a minimum initial order needs to be 25,000 pieces.

Q) Can the stampings be produced in material other than what's listed? A) Possibly, please contact us metalcraftusa@yahoo.com email.

Q) What are the specifications of available materials?
A) Steel (Raw & Unfinished) – Cold Rolled Carbon Steel, Matte Finish; soft.
Brass (Raw & Unfinished) – 70/30 Cartridge Brass, Alloy 260, soft to 1/4 hard.
Aluminum (Raw & Unfinished) – 5052 Alloy Aluminum, H32.
Copper (Raw & Unfinished) – 110 Alloy Copper, 1/4 hard.

Q) Are the metal stampings coated with any substance? A) During the manufacturing process, some metals are coated with a water-soluble oil (Gem Soluble Oil). This oil prevents the metal material from sticking to tools and prevents the same tools from overheating during production. This oil also helps protect the metal from exposure to the elements. On some stampings the oil may dry in spots and will be a coffee-brown in color when it does. This is not rust and you can remove the dried oil stain with fingernail or dremel tool.

Q) Will the metal stampings rust? A) Our metal stampings are shipped in their raw (unfinished) material form with a thin coat of water-soluble, oil-based lubricant that will retard oxidation (rust, tarnish or patina). This lubricant will protect items to a certain point but the exact timeframe on when items start to oxidize will depend on a number of factors, including humidity in the storage area and how they are stored. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the “non-oxidizing” shelf life for any stamping. We have found if stampings are frequently handled, exposed to damp air currents, or in high humidity environment, the stampings will oxidize faster.
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