Stamping DP1 Blank Plain Round Flat Disc 1 1/2"

Stamping DP1 Blank Plain Round Flat Disc 1 1/2
1 1/2" Diameter Plain Flat Round Discs.
18 gauge which is .0478" Metal Thickness (approx. thickness of a dime).
1/16" is (.0625") thickness so this disc is slightly thinner than 1/16"
Metal Steel Plates Circles. Cold Rolled Blank. A magnet will adhere to this disc.

After production several hundred pieces at a time are put into a mixer and tumbled for several hours. The tumbling process deburrs (smooths out) the edges and gives the metal discs a distressed look. Next the discs are sprayed lightly, tumbled some more, and then air dried for several hours.

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Item# DP1
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