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FREE Catalogs / FREE Design PlansAlong with the FREE Metalcraft Tool, Metal Stamping, and Kosy Creations catalogs available online to view or print out, there is a Metalcraft Tool 2 dvd set available. To see how the Metalcraft Tools can truly benefit you, this is the dvd set to get! In addition to showing the Practical, Master, and XL5+ Pro ranges of Metalcraft Tools in action (including Master RBR Micro Bending Kit and Practical Punch/Shear Measuring Device), dvd's have footage of making several projects. Dvd set is approx. 100 minutes.

The Metalcraft Design & Ideas Book has 14 projects with sizes and approx. 100 drawn metal working projects to get you inspired.

BELOW: take advantage of downloading FREE instructions for 30+ Metalcraft designs.
Metalcraft Tools 2 dvd Set
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Common question: I'm a beginner to metalwork, does Metalcraft provide training and support?

A. Metalcraft is backed by a comprehensive set of useful instructions and aides. Each tool we sell is supplied with a detailed operating instruction booklet showing how to set up and use the tool. We always suggest that it is worth reading through this before you get started.

Our 2 set Demonstration DVD provides an in depth explanation on how to use all the Metalcraft tools and includes a demonstration of how to make a great looking project in a few minutes.

We also offer a variety of 30+ free downloadable design instructions (shown above) containing a step by step guide of how to make each individual project plus the details of materials needed. These are a great starting point for anyone new to Metalcraft.

Additionally, our Design & Ideas Booklet contains more projects to make but is also packed with over 100 illustrations of Design ideas to inspire you in creating your own designs. All these books and guides should ensure you get the most from your Metalcraft tools. However, whether you are contemplating buying our tools for the first time or you are regular customer, if you have any questions or technical issues, we are only a call or email away and we will do our utmost to answer your question as fully and as helpfully as we can.

Because the Metalcraft tools have been manufactured since the 1950's, you can be assured that as the designers, patentees, and manufacturers of the Authentic Metalcraft tool ranges, the success and reputation as the world leaders in this type of equipment has been built on experience and after sales service. This sets us apart from the competition and poor-quality imitations that you may encounter.

Common question: Do I need welding or metalworking skills to be able to use Metalcraft tools?

A. None whatsoever. The Metalcraft Tools are safe, easy to use, and they do not require any heat or electrical power. All functions are carried out by hand power and are designed for beginners and professionals alike to work with metal without having to heat it up.

To join metalwork together, some of the tools make use of an ingenious riveting system which creates attractive looking traditional joints but avoids the need to be able to weld. However, for those of our customers with the appropriate equipment and skills, welding can certainly be utilized.
FREE Catalogs / FREE Design Plans
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