Scroll Bender BJ5

Scroll Bender BJ5
The BJ5 is a handy vice mounted scroll bender. Allows one to bend a large variety of scrolls using 1/2"w, 3/4"w, or 1"w x 1/8" thickness hot rolled flat metal strip in lengths of 12" to 36".   1/8" dia. solid round rod can also be scrolled on the BJ5.

Notice in photos how the BJ5 is marked with stops of 1" from stop A to stop L so one can easily duplicate scrolls OR if you go the maximum - scroll diameter is approx. 5 3/4".

  • Base plate 5/16" thickness with overall diameter of 6".  Tab underneath that fits in vice is 3" long x 1 1/4" high x 5/16" thickness.  Height off vice is 1 3/4".
  • Approx. 3 1/2 lbs., Zinc.
  • Quality built product, made in USA.

Underside of BJ5 Scroll Bender.

Completed scroll made on BJ5.

As next 2 photos show, metal can be inserted partway or fully into slot. As shown in above photo, LESS in = little to no flat spot at the start of the scroll; FARTHER in as shown in photo below = more flat spot at the start of the scroll

Price each:$69.99
Item# BJ5
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