Round Tubing 3/8" OD x 47 7/8" long - 5 tubes per bndl

Round Tubing 3/8
3/8" O.D. Round Tubing x .028 wall thickness x 47 7/8" long.
5 pieces per bundle.

This is the round tubing we recommend for use in the Metalcraft MK2/3 Scroll Bender with tube components.
Per Bundle: $45.00
Item# 38RT
While we can ship 1 bundle of steel, to get the best shipping cost per lb., we suggest ordering more than 1 bundle of steel (any combination).

Approx. weight 4 lbs. per bundle of 3/8" round tubing.

January 2020 UPS changed their box weights and sizes of boxes before additional handling fees apply. Any box over 48" UPS has imposed an additional handling fee of $15.00 and any box over 50 lbs. (was over 70 lbs.) now has an additional handling fee of $24.00 (if a box is longer than 48" and over 50 lbs. then both additional handling fees apply). AGAIN, these are fees UPS charges us and we have no control over these fees.

*This metal will be shipped in a box longer than 48".
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