3/16" Metalcraft Master/XL Pro Punch Pin Part# 350

Part #350 Metalcraft Master/XL Pro 3/16" Punch Pin.  Hardened Steel.  Overall length is 2 7/8".

Common question: How long will a punch pin last?
A. Over time a punch pin will gradually wear and eventually break. For this reason, it should be regarded as a consumable part but following the information below will make sure you get the maximum usage from your 3/16" Master Punch Pin:

  • Always keep punch pins well lubricated using oil.
  • Incorrect use through forgetting to follow the instructions supplied. The most common mistake we encounter is users not supporting the metal bar that is being punched during the punching operation OR users not fully retracting the punch pin after punching as they try to remove the flat metal strip from the slot in the punch block. In both cases, large movements of the punched flat metal strip whilst the punch pin is still protruding through the strip and into exit hole of the block, will exert a large lateral shear force on the pin which it is not designed to withstand.
  • The life of a punch pin can sometimes be affected by the quality of the steel being punched. Some black mild steel bar can vary in hardness along the length of the bar and occasionally, you can hit a particularly hard spot which may lead to a pin breaking. If you replace the broken pin and try punching more holes and encounter breakages, we would be interested to hear of your problem and if possible to receive a sample of the material that was being punched at the time of the breakage to see if we replicate the problem at our facility in Rochester Minnesota.
  • With a 3/16" punch pin, only punch through Hot Rolled Mild Steel that is 3/16" thickness or less (NO cold rolled, NO stainless steel - no matter what thickness).
  • Only punch through 1 piece of metal at a time.
  • DO NOT try to punch a hole in a coin.
By observing these guidelines you should minimize your punch pin breakages.
Price each:$8.00
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