Solid Square Bar 1/4" x 39" long x 10 bars per bndl. (hot rolled)

Solid Square Bar 1/4
The 1/4" solid square bar x 39" long x 10 pieces per bundle is HOT ROLLED!

Popular size square bar for use in the Master Twister Basket Attachment.  Being hot rolled, this square bar is far less likely to crack when forming a basket.

(Picture shows 2 bundles together)
Per Bundle:$25.00
Item# 14SB
While we can ship 1 bundle of steel, to get the best shipping cost per lb., we suggest ordering more than 1 bundle of steel (any combination).

Approx. weight 7 lbs. per bundle of 1/4" solid square bar.  

January 2020 UPS changed their box weights and sizes of boxes before additional handling fees apply. Any box over 48" UPS has imposed an additional handling fee of $15.00 and any box over 50 lbs. (was over 70 lbs.) now has an additional handling fee of $24.00 (if a box is longer than 48" and over 50 lbs. then both additional handling fees apply). AGAIN, these are fees UPS charges us and we have no control over these fees.
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