Solid Round Rod 1/8" dia x 48" long x 20 rods per bundle

Solid Round Rod 1/8
Solid Round Rod 1/8" diameter x 48" long each piece x 20 pieces per bundle.  This 1/8" dia. Solid Round Rod is Cold Rolled (normally you want to work with Hot Rolled Mild Steel with the Metalcraft Tools but this 1/8" solid round rod is the exception as this size is only available in cold rolled.
Per Bundle:$20.00
Item# SRR1848
While we can ship 1 bundle of steel, to get the best shipping cost per lb., we suggest ordering enough bundles of steel (any combination) to get up to 70 lbs.

Approx. weight 4 lbs. per bundle of 1/8" solid round rod.
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