Metalcraft Scroll Benders

Metalcraft Scroll BendersNow you can create all the beauty of traditional scroll work with Metalcrafts range of scroll bending tools. There are 5 to choose from, varying in the size of the scroll they produce and the size of materials they handle. With the MK1/2 and MK2/2H the metal is wrapped around the scroll bender to form the scroll. With the MK2/3, MK3/3, and MK3/4 scroll benders, the metal is drawn into the machines as you turn the handles on top which means less unobstructed work space needed. Tube forming components are also available on these which adds a most useful facility and enables a greater number of design options to be considered and greater variety of products to be made.

Customer Skip Ralls built this beautiful staircase railing using the Metalcraft Scroll Bender MK3/4. Excellent job Skip and thanks for sharing your photo!

Please scroll down to read comment from family who's home this railing was installed in.


I thought you might like to know how much my family absolutely loves the beautiful wrought iron stair rails that you crafted for our home. When my 16 year old daughter saw them for the first time, her eyes teared up. We are mesmerized by them. I have studied them everyday since installation, and absolutely love the lines and flow of the artwork. They are far more interesting and artistic than the original photo that inspired the project. It perfectly fits my family's taste and love for nature, without overdoing the nature aspect. Not only do I love and appreciate the artistic aspect of the rails, but I love the quality of the workmanship that is all thanks to Toby. We are very grateful for this treasure in our home and to you for your exquisite work. Thank you, Teri S.


I am a high end estate sculptor and have found that going back to hand tooling (Metalcraft) allows for that hand quality workmanship that the majority of my clients expect. Skip Rails


These tools are original, quality built, authentic METALCRAFT tools.

Below is car built using our MK3/3 Scroll Bender
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